A lot of people take their hair very seriously but ultimately fail in taking care of it properly, thus resulting hair damage. However, this problem is aggravated by believing in various hair care myths, which of course are not very true. Still, there might be some solutions to this problem as long as people avoid in believing in these myths and start learning proper hair care instead.

  • Myth 1: Any shampoo and conditioner would work on damaged hair.

One cannot simply rely on common shampoos and conditioner for their hair care. Damaged hair needs the power of strengthening shampoos. Furthermore, people should avoid shampooing their hair too much. Several times a week of shampooing should be enough to prevent depriving the hair of essential oils. Proper shampooing entails massaging the shampoo gently onto the scalp.

People with oily hair should consider using dry shampoo between wash days and focus on the greasy parts when wet shampooing. Shampooing should be followed by conditioning. Weekly hair mask or oil treatment several times a month also aid in restoring damaged hair.

  • Myth 2: Get rid of the hair dryer.

As a heating tool, hair dryer can really cause damage to hair. However, there’s no need to permanently ban its use. People can just limit hair drying their hair and prepare for it properly. Micro-fiber towel can be used to remove excess hair from the hair before applying a heat-protectant serum. In addition, the hair dryer must be used at medium settings and should be used 2 inches away from the hair. The use of hair dryer must be accompanied by gentle brushing of the hair.

  • Myth 3: People should throw away their flat iron.

Flat iron is normally blamed for causing damaged hair, though it can be used occasionally with proper preparation. First, the hair must be completely dry before ironing. People can also use leave-in treatment for further protection against hair damage. Lastly, the flat iron must be used at low settings.

  • Myth 4: People should just stop dyeing their hair.

Most people believe that dyeing damaged hair can only worsen such condition. However, there are exemptions to this rule. People can still dye their damaged hair once in a while or when they want to touch up their roots. However, they must avoid double-process hair colors at all cost.

Hair says a lot about people’s personality, so taking care of it properly is a must for everyone. Thus, people should be aware of the myths about hair care and focus on the proper methods of preventing further damage and restoring their damage hair.

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